Beer Brewing, Avs Game

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So the beer brewing went well enough for our first time.  We had a couple of mishaps, including breaking our first hydrometer so we had to run out and get a second one, and then having our pot boil over, then having said boil-over harden and catch slightly on fire beneath the pot.  Luckily it was all quickly contained, and other than some smoke we we’re pretty much in business.  We got everything into our fermenting bucket, and now it’s in Brandon’s closet to ferment for a week or so.  Hopefully it doesn’t taste like complete ass, but even so, now that we have one batch behind us, hopefully the next one goes better.  I think next time we want to try to use a bit more of a complicated recipe and some fresher ingredients, which will probably be tougher than the simple mixes we used this time, but it should be fun, and at least we know the basics now.

The Avs game was fantastic.  Budaj was supposed to play, but he has flu, so Weiman was recalled and Andy got the start.  Anderson looked like he had a rough night.  Maybe it was just a bad night for goaltenders (final was 5-4 with Cam Ward in net for the Canes), or maybe playing 10 straight to start the season is taking it’s toll (10 straight to open the season is an Avalanche franchise record by the way).  I’m hoping it was just a rough game for him, because I can’t imagine they put in Weiman against Detroit tonight, which mean 11 starts in a row for Andy, and I know he’s good, but he’s human too, and the Wings are a good team, so we’re going to need to play way better defensively than we did last night if we want a decent chance of beating the Wings again at home tonight.

Lines for the Avs started like this:


Offensively we played pretty great tonight, 3 points from Staz (2g, 1a), 2 points for Matty D (2a) and 2 for O’Reilly (1g, 1a) along with a smattering of points for a few other players, including Ryan Wilson’s first NHL point, and assist.  Apparently, since Liles has been out with his should injury, we don’t have a PP goal, which is disappointing, and shows how important he is to this teams special teams play.  With Liles and Quincey on the point during the PP we’re scary, with Clark, no so much so.

Tucker was carted off in a stretcher after a scary moment on a boarding call by Tuomo Rutuu, who will likely be suspended at least a few games for the hit.  It was a dirty hit, and one deserving of the game misconduct he got, but it was no Bertuzzi.  Still, players need to be smart about hits like that, they’re dangerous, plus (not that I care about the opposing team that much) it puts your team at a serious disadvantage, so it’s stupid on top of dangerous.

I’ve got some pictures from the game, which considering how high up in the seating I was, I thought were pretty solid pictures.  I’m going to try to get them up as soon as I can.  I checked out the Altitude store at the Pepsi Center and a Duchene home jersey cost $200 there, so I’m going to pass and save up then just buy one online.

Red Wings game tonight, the plan is to head down extra early and do some drinking at Old Chicago before the game.  Hopefully we can win this one and keep my perfect record when at Avs games going strong.


Weekend Off

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Up early on the first day of my weekend up.  I like waking up early.  Even though I end up tired at the end of the day, it’s nice to be up and doing things so that I actually get to make something of my day as opposed to sleeping for 12 hours and wasting half of it or more.

Brandon, Zach and I are going to go play some hockey here in a little bit (7:55 now, leaving at 8:30, hopefully), then we’re going to brew some beer/I’m going to help them try to organize their apartment.  Then we’ve got the hockey game at 7.  Not sure if we’re gonna try to hit up the bar before hand so we don’t have to spend $50 on beer and food, but we have the Red Wings game tomorrow, so I’m thinking maybe we should save that for Saturday since that’s going to be the better game of the two.

I’m going to try to take some pictures at the game tonight now that I know I can take my camera with me.  I have no idea if I’ll actually be able to get anything decent from how high up I’ll be and how dark it is, but we’ll try, and if nothing else I can at least get some pictures of all of us.

Should be a pretty good day.



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So the Avalanche start the season 6-1-2, which includes a season long 7 game road trip, and with the expectations people had for us at the beginning of the season, I’m pretty pleased with a 6-1-2 record including wins against Boston, Vancouver, San Jose, Detroit, and a SO loss to Chicago, some of the the top teams in the league.

I’ll be going to the two games this weekend (10/23 & 10/24) at the Pepsi Center against the Carolina Hurricanes and then the Detroit Red Wings again.  The Hurricanes game should be decent enough, I think we might finally see Budaj’s first start in net.  The Canes went decently deep into the playoffs this last season, but I’ve never felt threatened by them in the regular season, and I feel like a lot of the time they live and die by the play of Cam Ward, who is good, but can’t support the team all the time.  They’re 2-4-2 this season, so off to a slow start, and I think we can definitely get the win.

The Red Wings game is the one I’m really looking forward to.  This will be my first Avs-Red Wings game, and I know after we stole it from them at home, they’re going to really want a win at the Pepsi Center, but I really want to see us take it from them, hopefully with more goals from Duchene.

I’m also going to look into getting an O’Reilly or a Duchene jersey.  I don’t want to order online for O’Reilly because they don’t put in the apostrophe, so I’ll see what I can find at the Altitude store.  I probably won’t end up getting one because I’m far too poor to be blowing money like that, but it’s nice to pretend.

Just have to make it through one more shift of work this afternoon and I’ve got Friday and Saturday off, plus the game in the evenings, should be an awesome weekend.



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I’m not sure how long this blog will last, it’s quite possible this will be my first and last post, or perhaps if I find I like blogging I’ll parlay this into something a little more substantial.  To give you an idea of how hesitant I am to even start blogging, I navigated away from this “New Post” page three times before finally convincing myself to just write something.

It’s not that I have anything in particular against blogging per say (despite the number of vapid, idiotic, self serving pieces of crap out there that pass as blogs), it’s that I feel so…conceited I guess, writing a blog about my life (and I really don’t have anything more interesting or less self-centric that I feel I can write about purposefully or competently enough).  It just feels so self-serving to write away about what’s happening in my life, what I think about this or that or whatever.  It’s the same reason I’ve rejected Twitter with such a passion, it just seems so egotistical to me, even though I know that’s no necessarily the case, it’s just this e-dogma I’ve developed and that in reality I probably need to get over if I want to keep up with where social media, the internet, and new technology seem to be constantly pushing us towards, wherever that may be.

I don’t really intend this blog to be any deep or substantial, I’ll just be talking about things happening in my life, things that I’m interested in (sports, history, videogames, television, music), or just my commentary on things happening in the world that I see or hear or read.

I guess I’ll see where this goes, and more likely than not this is just going to be an exercise in talking to myself, but I guess you never know, and I guess if anyone does pick up on this, they’ll get to see where it goes along with me.